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Holy Fire, by Bruce Sterling, Bantam: New York, 1996, p. 100-101.

"[My problem is with reading,]" the dog confessed in fluent Deutsch. The dog had shaggy St. Bernard genetics, but he was well dressed. "[Mastering speech is one matter. Any dog can do that, with the proper wiring. But reading is an entirely different level of semantic cognition. The sponsors have done their best for me -- you know that as well as I do, Nadja. But I have to admit it, right here, publicly -- reading is a very serious challenge for any post-canine]."

"[Poor baby,]" the actress said with genuine sympathy. "[Why fight it? They say it's a postliterate epoch anyway.]"

"[Anyone who could say that is deeply out of touch,]" the dog said gravely and with dignity. "[Goethe. Rilke. Gunter Grass. Henrich Böll. That says it all.]"


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