Classical Literature This term is used to describe the literature of ancient Greece and Rome.

Incorporating the Other: the Catalogue of Women in Odyssey 11 This is a study of part of Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey. The article assumes familiarity with the literary work, so it is not a good place to start if you have not read the literary work or are not familiar with its characters and plot.

Klytaimestra: A Study of Aeschylus' Agamemnon 1372-1576 This thesis examines the character of Klytaimestra in Aeschylus' group of three plays called The Oresteia, by considering a passage in one of them, the Agamemnon. The thesis assumes familiarity with the plays, so it is not a good place to start if you have not read them or are not familiar with their characters and plot.

Professor Walter Englert's "Introduction to Greek Theater." Includes a timeline of Greek drama, the origins of Greek drama, and best of all, a readable explanation of how an ancient Greek play was staged. The plays of the Greeks communicate amazingly well to us twenty-first century folks, but our understanding of them can be enriched even further by the understanding that drama can have a different role in a society than it does in ours.

Didaskalia: Introduction to Greek Stagecraft This introduction to ancient Greek stagecraft is provided by Didaskalia, an English-language publication about Greek and Roman drama, dance, and music as they are performed today. Other parts of the site are also very interesting. The journal contains discussions of how ancient Greek plays are staged in the modern theater, and reading these is like an education in theater production and also raises fascinating issues in relation to the interpretation of the plays. The articles are more meaningful if you have read or are reading a Greek play, preferably one under discussion. The introduction to stagecraft is a good place for people just beginning their first Greek play.

Greek Tragedy This is the syllabus of Professor Barbara McManus' classics course at the College of New Rochelle. It has some wonderful links to material on the Structure of the Greek Theater, as well as on the Staging, Actors, Masks, as well a sa link to a location describing what Greek tragedy is. If you scroll down, there is also some fine material on the Oresteia, both background material and study guides.

Photograph, Greek Theater at Epidaurus

Line Drawing, Greek Theater at Epidaurus

The Aeneid of Virgil This web site contains an English translation by English poet John Dryden of the entire Latin epic poem.

Middle English Lit-Renaissance

EAWC: A Chronology of Medieval Europe

This detailed listing covers from the accession of Clovis, founder of the Merovingian dynasty, to the French and Belgian throne and his conversion of the country to Western Catholic Christianity (500) to the succession of Henry VIII to the English crown (1509).

National Historical Bibliographies and Dictionaries: Medieval Studies

This is a guide to the library's best sources of information on the middle ages. It is broken down by country and provides an in-depth account of where to go for more information of different sorts.

The Earth & the Heavens: The Art of the Mapmaker

This site from the amazing collections of the British Library provides images of maps (with brief discussion) ranging from Ptolemy's map of the world (150 AD) up to the 19th century. The majority of the maps is from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and shows the perspective of these eras on what the world is like. When you have seen and enjoyed the maps, you can poke around the other collections and exhibitions of the library and see a great deal else that is illuminating.

Online publications on Dante

NetSERF: Medieval History

ORB--Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction

Renaissance Project Page

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Essays and Articles on Middle English Literature



Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight: Resources

MQUP Catalogue - Williams

Sir Gawain and the Carle of Carlisle: Introduction

EAWC: Medieval Europe

Cultural Studies

The McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology

MCS: Analysis of Media Texts

GenEd - Learning Commons - Fundamental

GenEd Learning Commons - Fundamental Topic - What is Culture?

Learning Commons - What is Culture? - Definitions - Geertz


Wilson Article



The Times of Our Lives: Investigations into Socio-chronology

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace

SCREENsite: Readings in Mass Culture

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Mystery Story

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection

The Mysterious Home Page: General Guides



Watching the Detectives: Detailed Outline, Semester 2 1997-98

MysteryNet's Mystery Greats Time Line

Detective Fiction

Introduction to Detective Fiction -- The Origin of Detective Fiction

The Victorian Web Overview

ClueLass HomePage


Resources on Romantic Fiction and the Law: Romance Novels, Etc.


Quick, Radway, and Rabine

Reading the Romancers

Formatting Patrimony: Notes

Palatella: Formatting Patrimony

Curthoys& Docker



Sue Grafton Interview

Welcome to The Official Booksite for Mary Higgins Clark

Wilkie Collins

Victorian Sensationalism Online

Wilkie Collins: Woman in White

A Sherlockian Holmepage

The Dorothy L. Sayers Appreciation Page

Section 0/Contents

Section 1: Who are the characters in Hammett's novel based on?

Murder Mystery Games at NowTV!

Mystery Writers of Northern California

Modern Private Eyes and Thrillers

Literary Theory

Bourdieu, Pierre

Pierre Bourdieu and Loic

"Cyberfeminism with a difference" by Rosi Braidotti

Critical Phantasies Syllabus

>Critical Phantasies

>Lacan Underground

A Question of Jouissance

Barthes Mythologies 1

Responding to Literature One way to think about literature is to view it through the various ways it is experienced by the people reading it. Some scholars believe that this perspective contributes as much to the understanding of its meaning as do the historical aspects or the literary craftsmanship that has gone into the work.

American Studies, Black History and Literature

This English University has put together an excellent page of links to a variety of texts and resources related to "Writing Black."

The God of Small Things

This site contains customer reviews of a famous recent work of fiction. It is wonderfully illustrative of all the different perspectives taken by readers of the same literary work. According to reader response theory, such views are not right or wrong: they are simply different ways of responding to the work.

Beacon Press: Spring '97: Does Your House Have Lions

A summary of a work by Sonia Sanchez, who is African American and writes poetry.

9.14 - I Have Come Into the City

Six Poems

The Rabbit-pen

Seven Poems

A Group of Poems

A Special Providence

Hard-Hearted Barbary Allen. A Kentucky Mountain Sketch.


Three Poems

The Islands

A May Evening

A Jury of Her Peers

The Man of Flesh and Blood.

Engl 88, Reading Schedule

English 88, Modern and Contemporary American Poetry

Intro to Lit: Response Papers


Miscellaneous Traditional Resources

Introduction to the Study of Popular Fiction

Quills play review

Fuller & Jenkins: Nintendo and New World Travel Writing

102-main page

Links to Additional Sites with Web Evaluation Materials

Books in Chains

Contents Lists This is a great resource for finding science fiction stories. Those who are interested in this genre may also want to check out the links under "Cyborgs," below.

E110-109 Syllabus, Fall 96

The On-Line Books Page

Storyspace: Applications in Anthropology


EDUC 103 - Introduction to Education

Condensation and Suture


ENG200 Syllabus

NECC main

Kairos- Spring 1997 ISSUE #2.1

The Alliance for Computers and Writing

Term papers (model) and more model TermPapers on Greek, Roman, Ancient, Classic, Medieval, Russian, & Spanish Literature

Term Papers and more term papers on Literature

Just For Fun...

Beyond the MLA Handbook (Harnack/Kleppinger)

Allyn & Bacon's CompSite

CFUS Online Library

Grover Furr's Documentation and Research Page

AASL Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning, Draft #5

The NDL Educators Institute Home Page

Columbia Guide to Online Style

Hypertext- Hyperfiction

Hypertext '96 Online Proceedings

Web Hyperfiction Reading List



Girl Birth Water Death

The Book of Endings - Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Fuller & Jenkins: Nintendo and New World Travel Writing

The Color of Television--Program 1

HyperLiterature/HyperTheory HomePage

Original Hypertext


Sites of Significance for Semiotics

About The Book of Endings - Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Theory and Technique

Hypertext at Brown

Hypertext and Hypermedia: An Overview

HT'91 Keynote, transcript

The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview

VoS English Literature: Creative Writing



Etexts and Ebooks

Hypertextual Essays

Hypertexts @ The University of Virginia

Eastgate Products



Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction

Voice of the Shuttle: Technology of Writing Page

help I need somebody

ENSP482: Hypertext

Victory Garden Sampler

Stuart Moulthrop's Site Selector

A Beginning


Jim Rosenberg's Home Page

Diagrams Series 4 Diagram 4.3

Diagrams Series 4 Diagram 4.5

Diagrams Series 4 Diagram 4.14

Diagrams Series 4 Diagram 4.15

Diagrams Series 4 Diagram 4.16



Evaluating WWW

Critical Thinking and the Internet

Teaching Critical Evaluation Skills for World Wide Web Resources

Evaluating Web Resources-Home Page

Why we need to evaluate what we find on the Internet (Continue on through the other parts of this fine guide.)

Critically Analyzing Information

Critical Reading Towards Critical Writing

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources

Evaluation of information sources

Evaluating Sources, O'Conner

Evaluating Internet Research Sources

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Critical Evaluation Information

Virtual Education - Web-Based Teaching and Learning

Integrating WWW into an on-campus laboratory-based teaching program

Copyright Information

Cognitive/Agent Architecture: Title Page

Publications: Robert Wray

Some examples of sponsorship...

A Content Analysis of Web SitesPromoting Smoking Culture and Lifestyle

Critical Web Use Bibliography

Evaluating Internet Information

Internet Pedagogy

Bryce Glass: Projects

Bryce Glass: Projects: Reality Check

RCPWeb Sept97

Surfing and Creating Internet Introduction Summer Enrichment Program

ILTweb v.7B.0.0

Presentations by Don Tapscott

Announcing! "Growing Up Digital"

T & L on the WWW

Web66 Home Page

Web66: International WWW School Registry

Internet as Place

Global SchoolNet Foundation

Mind Works Learning Circle

Teaching & Learning

Margaret Riel

iEARN: Homepage

Star Trek

The Political Aesthetic: Nation and Narrativity on the "Starship Enterprise"

Star Trek Texts

Directory of /mcsnet.users/trek-reviews/tv/voy/s03



Ursula's Star Trek Page


Planet Science: Physics of Star Trek: Illogical, Captain


Sandcastle V.I.: Star Trek DS9 Season 5

Directory of /pub/tlynch

Star Trek: Voyager First Season Air Schedule

Star Trek: Voyager Second Season Air Schedule

Star Trek: Voyager Third Season Air Schedule

Mr. Video Productions & Viacom's Warpath

X-Files, Babylon 5 & Other Science Fiction



Science Fiction Television Favorites

The X-Files Episode Guide (Season 3 Episodes)

The X-Files

Greetings From Babylon 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Episode Guide

Episode Index - Season 2

Babylon 5 - Docking Procedures

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion

ScheduleBot - August 29, 1997 (US:Eastern)

Fighting Pseudoscience

Resist psychic sham




Psy 208 Cool Web Sites

CSICOP/ Skeptical Inquirer

CSICOP/ Skeptical Inquirer / July 1995 / The Roswell Incident and Project Mogul

CSICOP/ Skeptical Inquirer / November 1995 / Eyewitness Testimony and the Paranormal

CSICOP/ Skeptical Inquirer / March 1996 / Staking Claims: The Vampires of Folklore and Fiction

CSICOP/ Skeptical Inquirer / November 1996 / Investigative Files:Not-So-Spontaneous Human Combustion

CSICOP/ Skeptical Inquirer / July 1997 / UFO Mythology: The Escape to Oblivion / Paul Kurtz



R. Ebert's Movie Reviews

Internet Movie Database: A-Z site index

Film Synopses


CINEMATIC DESTINY: How They Can it in L.A.

MCS: Analysis of Media Texts

Movies: Rear Window

Movies: Rope

On Hitchcock's Movies...

Mars Attacks!

Return of the Trilogy

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet Credits

Blue Velvet (1986)


'Blue Velvet' (R)

A note on Blue Velvet

Philly Current Events

What's Playing in Philly

Ritz Filmbill

Y100 Philadelphia's New Rock

Philadelphia Online | HOME

Wilmington Blue Rocks Baseball


Peco Energy Traffic Cam

Official Web Site of the Philadelphia Phillies


Cyberpunk: Authors

Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Glossary: cyberpunk

Haraway: The Ironic Dream ...



Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Cyberpunk: Authors

Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Films: Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Science Fiction Archive: Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Misc. Pop Culture

Linky Links: Music

Yahoo! Entertainment:Music:Artists:By Genre:Rock:Ween

The Ween Links Page

Rage Against the Machine Information Links

The Phish.Net Web Site

Phish.Net FAQ: Gamehendge


Rhino Records Home Page

Rhino Records - Catalog - 7

Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page


A Sad Farewell to 103.9 WDRE

WDRE Rulez!

Y100-Radio Philadelphia

Y100 Music - Band Links

Alternative Genre: Ultimate Band List


Wallflowers Home Page

Wallflowers - Discography

The Trader's Guide to Nirvana Website



The (unofficial) Elvis Home Page


The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project


Stephen King

Herr's Homepage



Jackie Chan Front Page

Christina's Home Page




VFX HQ: Banned from the Ranch


Universal Channel: Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena FAQ: Background Information on Xena

MOGUL: Xena: Warrior Princess

The Frozen Tundra: Other Packer Web Sites

Recommended Green Bay Packer sites

Grippy and Cormo's Home Page.

Lois June Wickstrom's Home Page

Welcome to GeoCities Athens Neighborhood

Web Page Development General

Creating Killer Websites Online - Core Page

Jimtown Store template

Jimtown Store - Healdsburg, California

Welcome to Jimtown Store!


Building Web Pages at NPS

Remembering Nagasaki

In Our Path: Introduction

Directory of /pub/Hyperbooks

RingWorld -- The Webring Directory

RingWorld: Miscellaneous | Science


Michael Hall's Bookmarks

A Classroom Experiment


DD Media Lab IIa - Text to Hypertext

WHITE PAPER: ISO/TC184/SC4/WG3/T14 IPO Technical Publications -Page 6


Why Use Hypertext in the Classroom?

PCD-Seminars 92-93: CS547 Human Computer Interaction Seminar

Introductory Hypertext References (J. Blustein)

Communicare Presents Information Mapping

Mind Maps - Science Museum of Minnesota

Bread Mold Mind Map - Science Museum of Minnesota


Tree fiction on the World Wide Web

Teaching Web Composition

CommTech Corporation Online Seminars Resources

wpage.htm ... WEB Page Construction Tips, Hints, Suggestions


Web Page Design Standards and Guidelines

Printable Course

IP Handbook: Style and Document Design Guidelines

Web Developer's FAQ for Beginning Web Designers

An Introduction to World Wide Web Page Design

Peter Kentie : Web Graphics Tools and Techniques home page

A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript

Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages

JavaScript Mini-FAQ

GIF Animation on the WWW

Renice's Rules: A Quick Tutorial on Web Design

Kentridge High School/Programming I/Tutorials on the WWW


User testing and evaluation

Macintosh: Intermediate

Creating Your Own Home Pages

Lazlow's Techno-file

MCS 390 Introduction to Computer Science Home Page

I.2. Beginners' Guides to HTML

Web Development


8 Minute HTML

Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.9)

HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials

NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Excel 5.0 to HTML Table Converter

Intermediate HTML Functions

OneWorld/SingNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - Page 1

The Table Sampler


Preparing Graphics for The Web


Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents

Style Guide for Online Hypertext /info6.htm

design guidelines.current

Developer's Corner -

I-Design - Color & UI design (examples)


crystal waters -


Barry's Clip Art Server

the Clipart Directory

Realm Graphics: Lines

Non-Dithering Colors by Hue

Todd's Graphic'ware Page

SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet

Multimedia Resources

Philip Greenspun's home page

Lupe Magazin

DaVinchi Twist

Victor Engel's No Dither Netscape Color Palette

Presentation Graphics

The PowerPoint FAQ

PowerPoint in Netscape

Tips for presentation graphics

PowerPoint 4.0 Tutorial

How to Create a Perfect Screenshot Painlessly


Halftone Screens and Dots. Learn by free tutorials

The Typophile

InkTechnologies on Tech Support

&Type Magazine

Corel Magazine Home Page

A few scanning tips - Basics Part 3 - Printer resolution

Graphic Design Tutorials

Graphic Designer's Paradise

Mousetrap Computer Books: Design

Adobe PageMaker What's New


Mind Maps - Science Museum of Minnesota

Science Learning Network: Visit Our Museums

Exploratorium Home Page

How Stuff Works

The Headbone Derby


Playhouse Disney

Happy Puppy Macintosh Games

Davidson & Associates Home Page