Favorite Quote (French Me for the New Year)


From :

Happenstance by Laurent Firode.

“You only have to piss in the ocean to make the level rise.” In French it’s: “Il suffît pisser dans la mer pour faire monter le niveau de tous les océans.” 

This is from the film Audrey Tatou made before Amèlie, and many people like the latter better, but not me. The film is a kind of illustration of the butterfly effect example used to try to explain chaos theory to those untutored in advanced physics. But what it winds up being, in the words of a fine review by James Berardinelli is, "the cinematic equivalent of a Rube Goldberg machine - a twisting, winding string of coincidences piled one upon another, all leading to a very simple event - a woman meeting a man." The lines above are spoken by a narrator of sorts who only appears briefly in the film, and serves as the unsentimental presentation of a simple truth, a rendition which incidentally, makes it a warning about ecology as well a reminder of how to live your life.


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