Favorite Quote (A Propos a Recent Birthday)


From :

King Solomon's Mines, by H. Rider Haggard, Penguin: London, 1994 (orig. 1885), p. 233

"Thou fool," shrieked the old fiend, "thou accursed fool, deemest thou that life is sweet only to the young? It is not so, and naught thou knowest of the heart of man to think it. To the young, indeed death is sometimes welcome for the young can feel. They love and suffer, and it wrings them to see their beloved pass to the land of shadows. But the old feel not, they love not and, ha! ha! They laugh to see another go out into the dark; ha! ha! They laugh to see the evil that is done under the sun. All they love is life, the warm, warm sun and the sweet, sweet air. They are afraid of the cold, afraid of the cold and the dark, ha! ha! ha!" and the old hag writhed in ghastly merriment on the ground.

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