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"Hungarian Velcro Crop, More Than a Fastener, Knits the Social Fabric," by Susan Leathergarment, Off The Wall Street Journal, April 15, 1983.

"We are a velcro people," he boasts. "The blood that my ancestors spilled on this ground now gives life to our crop, and our crop keeps our garments securely fastened!"

To Zoltan Dudai, velcro is more than a convenient, modern fastener-it is a way of life. Mr. Dudai is the overseer of the Miskolci Velkrogyar, the largest velcro farm in the world. From the Miskolc area comes 56% of the world's grade A velcro crop. After harvesting, the adhesive vegetable is dried and processed in the nearby state-run factory, then exported to the four corners of the earth for use as the bristly multipurpose closure material so popular on ski jackets, shoes, slipcovers and wallets. "Hungarian velcro and Hungarian women are world's finest," Mr. Dudai says. 'We love our velcro. It gives us life.'' That Mr. Dudai and his people love velcro is no understatement. Velkro, in fact, is the Hungarian word for love. He explains: "Velcro is exactly like love, is it not? Lovers come together in silent union, stick, then separate noisily."


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