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The links on this page are intended to help you help with the tasks called for in your coursework. If you have questions about the information in them, please ask!

Abbreviations Used in Correcting your Paper

What Does Focus Mean in a Paper?

Why the Term Paper on China is not your Friend

Punctuating Sentences

Help with Evaluating a WWW Site

Tips for Improving your Grammar

Tips for Writing a Comparison

Help with Summary Writing

How to:

Cite Your Notebook Entries

Use Quotations Effectively

Avoid Plagiarism in Using Sources

Cite URL's (MLA Format)

Cite a Work in an Anthology (MLA Format) (You'll need to scroll down in the page to reach the relevant section.)

Cite Journal Articles (MLA Format)

Cite Electronic Sources

Cite Works of Art (Artifacts)

Do Research at Penn (includes map)

Get to ICA