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Why the New Home Page?
This is the first radical redesign since the launching of my site. Why have I redesigned the site now? And what is the strange picture whose blocks are used in the redesign?
What About the Picture of Me?
The link you clicked on to get to this "Life" page has a new picture of me. Here is some background on it.
Favorite Quote
Intended as a regularly changing feature, but may not be updated as often as you (or I!) would like
Some Links
Links to related sites. The links are indexed, and some are annotated
A project to translate the work of Sándor Bacskai into English.
Latest Publication
Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Myths.
I don't know what "creative writing" is, do you? Some of my work in recent years fits this category rather than "academic writing," but the dichotomy is a troubling one nonetheless.

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