Why the New Home Page?


Do you know the saying about the shoemaker's children? I do a lot of things on the web but I usually feel I don't have time to work on my web page, so that it reflects my interests and priorities. The page has had the same design for years, and all I have ever done is plug new courses into the same old template. So here were some considerations that went into my redesign:

*      Knowledge of the Web. While my webpage hadn't changed, my knowledge of the web has been progressing. I still have never had the time to become as competent in web page development as I would like, but I can do more now than just throw my material into a table. So, for now, using an image map is an amusing way to present my information.

*      Getting Away from All That Text. The old web page was primarily textual in nature, whereas I am a very visual person.

*      The Teaching Machine. My love of teaching is one thing that will never change, but there are other aspects of my professional life that infuse my teaching.

*      Decentering the Image. The thing I have always found the most painful about my old web page is the centered symmetrical nature of it. A contemporary aesthetic has been very important to me, and this is much more along the lines of wanting my users to be active and to make choices. So you decide what you want to click on . . .

*      You Can Still Look in the Middle. For all that, there is something in the middle. It may not be the most important thing, but it may be fun!

Note: The picture in the new design is based on a lithograph by Victor Vasarely. I feel connected to Vasarely for a variety of reasons. In Budapest, we live a short distance from the Vasarely Museum, and the first art exhibit I ever dragged my parents to (as opposed to the other way around!) was in 1965 to the MOMA's Responsive Eye, dedicated to Optical Art or Op-art.