Please consult this web page regularly for the most complete
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Teacher: Dr. Eva Thury
Office hours: M 1-2, R 1-3
Office Phone: 895-1711
and by appointment
Office: Macalister 5035

This course involves readings from the Western tradition. We will study literature from Homer (8 century B. C., Greece) to Dante (14th century A. D., Italy). We will consider some of the great heroes of the classical period, including Odysseus, and Agamemnon. We will study Aeneas from Rome, and Gawain from the court of King Arthur. We will also see the beginnings of modern individualism in Dante, and end up with the irreverent stories of Boccaccio.

In this class, we read a variety of literary works. Before you go on, with taking this course, or with reading this syllabus, please read my views about literature. They will help you understand the goals of the course, as well as its daily functioning.

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